Help with circular needles

I use circular needles a lot. I’ve knitted in the round, but I also like to use them for anything that will be long. In general I like the actual needles to be pretty short, so circular needles are perfect for me.

Here is the issue. The stitches do not move. As I’m knitting I have to stop and push them onto the needle. Then I knit some, then I have to stop and push more stitches up so that I can continue.

I’ve always had to do this, and just recently I started to wonder if this was normal. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong or there is a trick to avoid this. Or perhaps this is just what everyone has to do.


You mean they don’t move well from the cords to the left needle? That would be knitting too tight. When you pull the yarn tight, it stretches out on the needle, but relaxes when the sit on the cord. So then they may be tight to slide onto the other needle tip. Your stitches should be loose enough to slide easily on the needles.

It is just a case of you being a tight knitter. Try and loosen up a little and make sure that you are forming the stitches on the widest part of the needle not the very tip, which creates a smaller, tighter stitch.

I also use them almost all the time and I also have to push them up. If i do them all at one time I don’t have to do it over and over again.

I understand the concept of “knitting too tight” but I don’t think that is the whole problem. I don’t have trouble getting the stitches back onto the left needles, I just have to move them myself.

Right now I’m knitting an afghan with 228 stitches. The work doesn’t move along the needles and cord so that I can just knit the whole row with out stopping. I have to stop, put down one needle, and then push a bunch of stitches onto the left needles. With a big project and a chunky yarn I have to stop and move the stitches a lot.

Maybe it is too tight, but I’m just not sure.

I think knitting tightly does affect it, but I think the brand of needle does too. I have some Susan Bates circs that I never use because the change from the cable to the needle itself is very “sloped” and I run into the problem with having to push the stitches onto the needle. With my Addi circs on the other hand, I don’t have that problem. Maybe trying a different brand would help.

It’s possible that you’re knitting too tightly, as others have mentioned. But, I have to move the stitches around from time to time, too.

Yes, you have to move the stitches from the cord up to the needle, espically with that large a project. It’s possible your circ may be a bit short for 228 sts, but it’s entirely normal.