Help with circular needle knitting

I just started teaching myself to knit and all I have is circular needles. So before starting a project I figured it would be best to learn to cast on and then practice my stitching. But I have no clue what I’ve done wrong. My stiches are wholey and uneven so does anyone have any ideas where ive gone wrong?

Are you knitting flat or will you be knitting in the round? Knitting with circulars is no different than using straight needles when you’re knitting flat.

That type of yarn is sometimes hard to make the stitches even because the yarn wants to catch on itself. I’m not sure what part is the problem here…the bottom part? I’m not sure what you’ve done there. Can you post a link to your pattern please? (Don’t post the pattern itself here)

You’ve picked a nice colour. But only 4 stitches? You could do with a few more to give yourself a chance. It’s not easy to see what is wrong but as this is only practise just keep going. I suggest you cast on about 20 stitches and have another go. Knit about a couple inches and then check . Count your stitches to see if you dropped any. Don’t worry about the wholes. Just keep going. It will begin to take on the proper form with practise. It’s probably tension problem. This will improve with time. You can always pull it back later.

Thanks! I wasn’t using a pattern just trying to learn to cast on and the knitting itself. I ended up switching needles and it all worked out. So I will try again with these

All knitting on any needles takes practice to get your tension even. As I said before knitting on circs is the same as straights if you’re knitting flat as far as technique goes. But with circs cable length can make a difference. If you’ve got a really long cable for a tiny bit of knitting it’s kind of awkward to handle. Some people do prefer straight needles, but do learn to use circs. Many projects are easier or only doable on them.

Ok that makes way more sense! I am knitting a lap blanket on my other
circular needles and all has been going well, I appreciate the advice as my
other needles were alot longer. I will try again with them

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