Help with circular knitting!

Hello, I have just started this pattern:

I am using the right needles (16inch from point to point). When I cast on the required number of stitches, the yarn has to stretch impossibly. It is impossible to straighten the stitches or anything, it’s as if the needle is too long which I know it isn’t (well, it is the needles the pattern asks for anyway) What am I doing wrong? This is my first time knitting on circular needles. Also, what does it mean by join in the round? When you knit on circular needles, won’t the yarn join together anyway?

Thanks for reading and I hope you can help!

I honestly would probably just use the DP needles. I much prefer them to circular.

If you don’t join in the round you just knit back and forth, as if knitting flat
Check the knitting in the round to see how to join if you don’t know yourself :slight_smile:

Okay, you’ve got a couple questions here-

You can knit flat with circulars, too. I never use straight needles anymore. If you’re knitting flat you turn at the end of a row and with the working yarn coming from the left needle you knit. It won’t join. If you want to join the working yarn will come from your right needle. Pretend you’re doing either one with the needles and stitches and you can see why it will and won’t join.

Now… You aren’t doing anything wrong. The reason you’re having trouble is because you have so few stitches on the needles. Bulky yarn means you cast on less. I would probably use two circular needles for this (or Magic Loop if you prefer). You’ll need a longer cable for ML or another circ for the two circ method. You will need to do this for the top of the hat when you start decreasing anyway or use DPNs.

I’m not sure how the designer did it with so few, but since she did you could try and see if it’s just the first few rows. You will be increasing at some point for the shaping so it’ll be easier.

The cast on may be a little tight, but it’s always just a little shorter than the width it makes. You can knit the first row flat, then join, cast on to another needle and join and do the first round with the 16". You might also be able to do the single loopvariation of ML for the first few rounds.