Help! With circular knitting

I am a new knitter and the first project I am working on is with circular needles. The pattern calls for me to knit 12 inches and then begin my decreases. The problem is that when I started working on the 12 inches I forgot to use a marker to know where i began. Is this a problem or once I have my 12 inches I can just begin my decreases? If I can’t just begin my decreases how do I figure out where I started my rows? Thanks for the help!!!


It’s not end-of-the-world critical, but one way you can find the start of your round is to look for the tail and follow the line of stitches up from there.

Also when you start a new row, there is a slight jog between the first and last stitches. You can look at your stitches and stretch them out a bit. One line will look a bit different.