Help with circular knitting when stitches aren’t divisible by pattern repeats

I am knitting a hat on circular needles (the Pennyroyal Hat by Magpie Fibers) and I have 84 stitches total. I’m working off a chart.

The repeats in the pattern are normally in numbers like 14 or 12, so that goes into 84 with nothing left over. I don’t have any odd stitches at the end of the round normally. I am now on row 7, however, which is:
(K, yo, sl1, k1, psso)x2 (k, k2tog, yo)x2

Everytime I try this row ot doesn’t fit evenly in the 84 stitches. I can’t do another repeat of the pattern, but I’m not done with the row, either. I still have 5 stitches in front of the marker that marks the beginning of the new round. What do I do with the extra stitches left over?

Row 7 is a repeat of 12sts. It takes 12sts/repeat to begin the row and the row finishes with 12sts/repeat.
Try going back over the hat stitch-by-stitch, naming the sts as you go to see if you’ve missed a decrease or a yarn over or whatever. It may also help to mark off 12sts with markers or circles of scrap yarn, just to make sure you stay on track.
Since yo can sometimes be a problem, remember that it doesn’t use a stitch but is merely a loop of yarn over the needle between sts. I doubt if this is the problem but just in case.

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We have seen a few questions about the “Yo, sl1, k1, psso” decrease so my thought was that this stitch pattern might be the culprit.

I hope this helps.

Ah, yes, could well be.
Have you also looked at yo videos? I’ve seen several that make it look like the following knit stitch is part of the yo.