Help With Christmas Stocking

All righty, I really need some help. I’ve never, in my whole knitting life, would have figured that I would have ever wanted to knit socks or a stocking of the like.
I’ve taught myself how to knit with two circular needles, as well as double-pointed needles, but I really prefer the circular needles. With that being said, how do I start the heel with using the circular needles. I’m using a pattern, but it only tells you how to do it with double-pointed needles.
Does anyone have any advice on how I can do the heel and heel gusset on circulars?
Any advice would be so appreciated!

You might find some help here:

I think basically you work the heel flap on half the stitches, and you already have half the stitches on one needle, so you just work back and forth on that needle. I’ve never done socks on 2 circs, I do them on one circ (magic loop) but I think the heel work is essentially the same.

Thank you so much! I think this may help!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

P.S. I have Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life - I LOVE that book! :slight_smile: