Help with Christmas Stocking

Hi i am new to this sight and i need help with a christmas stocking pattern

I am at the toe and dont understand what the yellow,orange and red squares with a line through them mean.i have made many stockings but this is a pattern i never tried and it has given me a run for my money lol.thank you for any help you can give me

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Is it just a chart? I’d think there would be a key or some kind of indication if there are some written instructions that go with it. My best guess is those squares with the slash marks are indicating decreases, especially if you’re knitting in the round.
It’s really nice looking, anyway!

I agree with Shintoga, the orange squares with the line through are decreases, ssk so that they slant to the left.
The yellow squares are “no stitch” squares which serve to keep the chart squared and are there due to the decreases. Skip over them.

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Heres the directions

The chart really presents the directions for toe decreases. Work the decreases on the stitches that are on the needle and ignore the yellow squares.

So the squares with the lines through them are the stitches i decrease