Help with choosing needles and wool!

Hi all, could anyone help me choose the right needles to use please. Sorry long post - have trouble explaining myself.

I’m just learning to knit and I’m finding the KnitPicks nickle plated needles (with interchangable tips) very easy to use. A pattern for a baby hat says to use 2.5mm needles but the smallest tip they seem to do is 3.5mm. I have noticed on the website that they do DPN’s in smaller sizes though. So question 1, can I use the DPN’s for straight knitting or are they only for specific projects?

My next question is about substituting yarn. I want to use the same wool to match a scarf - label says its suitable for 5mm needles. My hat pattern uses different yarn and smaller needles. I was going to knit a swatch (?) with the wool I want to use and the smaller needles and check to see if it is the same as the gauge (?) in the pattern. If it is the same then I could go ahead and if not change the needles up or down a size depending on if too tight or too loose. Does this sound right?

Hope this makes sense to someone out there and thanks for any help.

Hello! I’ve put some answers to your questions in bold within the quoted text. Also here are a couple of resources that may help you.

Knitting needle size comparison

Yarn weights and needle sizes

Hi Marria, thanks for your reply and the links. Makes sense now it’s explained to me :aww: . Would probably be best to use a different yarn or my poor babys head will probably bake under the hat! Thanks again. C.

You’re welcome. Don’t every worry about asking questions. This stuff all baffled me when I was first starting out. :slight_smile: