Help With Child’s Headbands

Hi. I am going to try to make my 6 year olde granddaughter some headbands/ear warmers for Christmas. I have a few questions 1. How wide and long do I made a headband for a 6 year olde? 2. How long do I make an I-cord for a her? 3. What do u use so the headband will be secure on a child’s head? Do u use elastic or anything?
Thanks for your help

The patterns below give an idea of measurements and can be knit vertically or horizontally. The yarn will likely be stretchy enough that you won’t need to add elastic. As with hats, knit to a size 1-2" smaller than the head size for a snug fit.
These can be as simple as a garter stitch strip which fits lengthwise around the head:

or as patterned as you would like:

Here’s the results of a Ravelry search. Check the ones that show an adult too since they often have a range of sizes:’s%20earwarmer&view=captioned_thumbs&sort=best&pc=earwarmers|headband&craft=knitting

Ty so much for the info

I have a granddaughter about the same age. My head runs 22 1/2. Hers is about 20 1/2. There is a size chart for kids, teens, and adults at

Ty for the chart it helps a lot.