Help with Chevron armhole shaping

Hi, I am new to knitting and have never shaped an armhole “IN PATTERN” I am confused about shaping the armhole and staying in pattern,
I am following 3rd size query as follows SHAPE ARMHOLE
Next Row(1st) Patt to last 2 St’s patt2tog,do I knit 2 tog?
Then Next Row(2nd) If I P2 tog do I then P4, or P5 and continue with pattern?
3rd Row, do I follow pattern to last k3, then p last 2tog
And 4th Row do I P2tog then P 4 or follow P5 as in pattern
So sorry but this is difficult to explain, the pattern isn’t shaping up as it has before the shaping
Many thanks

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What is the name of your pattern?

The armhole edge is going to become part of the seam when the sleeves are joined. For the last stitches which become part of the seam, it’s up to you how you would like to work them. I prefer to knit or k2tog on the right (RS) and p or p2tog on the wrong side (WS) but it’s up to you. You could work them at knit sts on each armhole edge.
The best way to decide how to work the following rows is to look at the pattern stitches as you have worked them on the previous rows. That’ll make sure that the pattern continues as you would like. This way of “reading your knitting” is invaluable and so much easier than trying to write out each row’s sts.


Thanks for the prompt reply The pattern is Rico knitting idea compact
Or Shawl no 644

Very cute pattern.

Unusual and very pretty.

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