Help with chart

I would like to make this dog coat in a size 5, but am confused by the vertical lines on chart 1 with the numbers at the bottom. Does it mean I have to stay within the two numbers on the chart?

Also, at the end of the third row, it say “rib pat and Chart l are now in position.”

I’m just not getting this. Any help will be appreciated.



Those set off the sts needed for the different sizes. So for size 5, work only the sts between the 5s, ignore the rest of the numbers.

The note “rib pat and Chart l are now in position” means that the set up for your sts are now established

Thanks! So then after the second row of the neckband where they want you to put the stitch markers on at the end of each needle, I’m assuming they want you to use these to separate the rib pattern from the chart?


Yeah, that would seem be right.

These markers will separate the neck ribbing from the chart and the body of the sweater. They won’t travel with the rows but will stay in place so that you can measure from them later on in the pattern. Use some kind of removable marker: safety pins or a yarn marker so that the markers can be removed or cut at the end of the pattern.

Oh I get it… I thought they were talking about putting markers right on the knitting needle, although it didn’t make sense because they’d fall off. But yes… attaching removable markers to the fabric works.

Thanks [I]so much[/I], you guys.