Help with chart

Hi there fellow knitters.
I need some help with a knitting g chart for a girls dress that’s knitted top down with raglan with diamond front and back yoke. I can’t make sense of the chart and really need some help with where to start. Thank you :pray:t4:
So the instructions say Start with chart A.
Work charted pattern on back and front pieces only. Work the rest in stockinette.
Right back: start on line 16 (13) 16 (16) 13
Front and Left back start on the rst point in the chart (8, 7, 6 etc)


Can you give us the name of the pattern?
When the pattern says line, it seems to refer to a square on the chart. Which size are you making?

Hi sure it’s the everyday princess dress by Tina Haugund a Norwegian designer. I’m doing the biggest size 6 years.
Yes I thought same but for starting the chart for the right back she says start at line 13. I can’t figure out what stitch I must start off with because lines 12 and 13 I think go together??? I can’t decipher the chart symbols from her abbreviations. Line 12 seems connected to line 13 so how can I start at line 13?
I’ve looked up all the diamond patterns I can find none of them seem to be like the way she explains the stitches in the chart driving me insane !

OK, maybe this one.

Yes, squares 12 and 13 are part of the same twist. On How to Read Chart A, there’s a note. If you’re about to start on the last part of a twist (e.g. square 13) skip this. I take that to mean, don’t work the twist, knit that stitch.

Ah yes I see the note thank you for making me understand Now the real heart of the question if I can trouble you is how do I knit the twists as she explains in her chart?

K in sts 2, k tbl in sts 1, slip of the needle
What exactly is this meaning? Does she mean knit two stitches then without taking them off the needle knit through back loop of the first stitch? Or skip the first stitch and go straight to the second knit it but leave it on needle then k tbl of the first stitch that was skipped? Sorry I just don’t understand it.
Likewise for the other stitch when it says
K tbl on sts 2, k in sts 2, slip of the needle
Is this asking me to knit tbl of the second stitch or knit the two stitches together ? Then k the second stitch?
Really confused
Thank you!

There are several different videos online for these twisted sts. Basically they are mini cables and you can always work them as cables if that makes more sense. Here’s a video for the right twist:
and the left twist:
They may not be exactly the same as your directions (you may need to knit tbl) but you can see the idea of the twist.

Hmm these stitches are a bit different to the diamond stitches that’s in the pattern which I just can’t figure out from her instructions in the chart. Never mind thanks anyway

If the twisted sts don’t work, you can always use a cable needle and work these sts as mini cables. Being able to twist the sts on the needles is a bit faster but the cable needle works just fine.

I managed to find a video that helped with doing the twists and it comes out diamond shapes so that’s resolved I think lol
now im stuck mon the raglan increases for the sleeves the pattern says
On each sides of the markers
M1H sm M1L (8 stitches increased) Increase every 2 row and incorporate the new stitches on the front and back pieces with the charted pattern.
I took it to mean m1 r for the M1H, as I had no idea what that was lol
Does it sound right ? Or is there a different meaning to M1H?
Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

Well, I had never heard of M2H either but here it is:
m1h make 1st leaving a hole. With left needle, pick up the horizontal bar between sts, bringing the needle from front to back. Knit through front loop of this new stitch, leaving a decorative hole.
You can find it here:

If you don’t want a decorative hole, a M1R will work.
Glad you were able to get the twists and diamond pattern to work.