Help with chart reading

I am knitting a hat from chart only (no written instructions supplied).
On round 5 it states to stop 2 stitches before end of round and move marker. Do I then knit those two stitches as I would the beginning of the next round (k4) and not as the end of the previous round, ktbl, purl?

Thank you for any help offered and a Happy New Year to you all!

What is the pattern name and if you can provide a link it’ll help.

Thank you, Jan. It is the Father Cables hat and I downloaded it from Ravelry.


Welcome to the forum!
Stop 2 sts before the end of round, place a new marker and start round 6. You can see in the chart that round 6 has shifted over 2sts to reflect that. Remove the old beginning of round marker.

Thank you salmonmac. My second time using a chart and it’s a bit of a foreign language still - but exciting. Happy Hogmanay!