Help with chart please!

[B]Help with chart please![/B]
I am a lefty and I am attempting a lacey design for the first time. Smart girl that I am I decided to swatch it first. (yay me)
To work the chart I have reversed it but for you righties I will put the chart here “normally”

My problem is that I dont seem to have enough stitches!
Here is the chart - it is in fall 07 Spinoff, page 74
xxoxxxxxx/x\xxxxxxoxxxxxx -6
xoxxxxxx/xxx\xxxxxxoxxxxx -5
oxxxxxx/xxxxx\xxxxxxoxxxx -4
xxxxxxoxxxxx/x\xxxxxxoxxx -3
xxxxxoxxxxx/xxx\xxxxxxoxx -2
xxxxoxxxxx/xxxxx\xxxxxxox -1

x= knit, o = yo, / = k2tog, = ssk

The sock is worked toe up to 50 stitches with 25 for the sole and 25 for the instep. It is worked on 2 circular needles.
For my swatch I cast on 50 and worked a couple of rounds of stockinette before begining pattern. As you can see there are 25 stitches on the chart - except that if you work the k2tog and ssk as shown there should be 27 stitches shouldnt there?
I am working the YOs as a stitch. That is: flip the yarn over between the needles and then knit the next stich.
The only way I can see this pattern working is to YO only and count the knit as the next stitch.
Oh I am so confused! Help is so greatly appreciated!

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You [I]should[/I] just YO. The next stitch is [I]not[/I] part of the process of making a YO increase. It counts as a seperate stitch.

Thank you! Nothing is better than a clear answer :slight_smile: