Help with chart pattern

i am making my mom a simple scarf… just knit every row … with a slipped edge for neatness and prettiness… i want to add this chart to the begining on just that one side…

my idea was for the black areas to be raised… how do i acomplish this? do i start by purling the black stiches on the WS and then knit them on the RS? the whole scarf is going to be just one yarn (caron SS autum red ) :pout: :notworthy: TIA [size=2]again[/size] :notworthy:

[size=2]am i just too ambitious for a newbie?? lol[/size]

In order for this to stand out against a bg of garter (all knit), AND be raised, you’d need to work something along the lines of a bobble. Garter, by its nature, is quite dense so not a lot of stitch options that’ll sit high above it. The Knit stitch, with P on WS, is flatter than garter and would look like reverse emboss. Thus, you could try working the image in K on RS, P on WS but it would be recessed (not raised). Attempting a bobble most likely wouldn’t give you the definition you’d want for the image to be identifiable. (I recently did a sweater in the SS Autumn Red for my father and, while the yarn has a bit of a halo, the stitch definition is quite good.) If you were doing the project in stockinette (K one side, P the other) would’ve been easy enough to then P the sts for the image and have them stand out (and be raised). Work up a small sample of garter and then do some K (RS), P (WS) sts and see if you like the effect.

Not sure that helps…


thanks cam… you think i should do stockingette stitch instead of garter? and then purl the ‘black’ stitches? would that mean purl the black stitches every time i get to them (RS and WS) TIA

I think if you work the white in stockinette and the black in garter (knit both sides) it would work. You could try the black in reverse stockinette, but I’m afraid it might pull in. It might be worth a try, though, since there is only one black stitch around the edge.

If the entire scarf were done in st st, the image would stand out done in Ps (or rev st). If you’re doing the bulk of the scarf in garter, and did JUST the block of the pattern in st st and rev st, you’d most likely need to do a bit of inc and dec before and after the image block because garter works wider than st st. So, as Ingrid mentioned, it may pull. From working the scarf you know your garter gauge so do one of st st. Compare. Image is worked over about 40-some sts (just guessing) so perhaps an inc/dec of a few sts would allow the image to lie flat.