Help with chart and written instructions

I’m having trouble with the instructions about the chart. Please explain “until there are not enough sts before the next marker”. I followed the chart 1-12, repeat 13-28 until I can’t repeat to the center stitch marker, do the center stitch, then back to 13-28 to the end marker, then when do I knit 29-40? I’m very confused everytime I read this. Hope someone can clear this up for me. Thank you very much.

[FONT=Times New Roman",“serif][SIZE=3]Falling Leaves Section[/SIZE][/FONT]
[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman”,“serif]RS (odd-numbered) rows in this section are worked as follows:[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman”,"serif]K3, sl m, yo, *work sts 1-12 from chart, repeat sts 13-28 (between the heavyblack lines) until there are not enough sts before the next marker towork another full repeat, work sts 29-40 from chart to next m, yo, sl m, k1(center stitch), sl m, yo, repeat from * to next m, yo, sl m, k3.[/FONT][/SIZE]

As you work through the chart several times, you’ll add more stitches. So on the 2nd time doing the chart rows, you may be able to work the repeated stitches 2 or 3 times instead of once as you did the first time. That will leave you with just a few sts left over before the marker. You don’t have enough sts to do a full repeat.

Thank you Suzeeq,
When I don’t have enough sts to do a full repeat, do I start to knit the 29-40 row? See, this is where I’m very confused.

The 29-40 are [I]stitches[/I], not rows. So depending what row you’re on (the numbers at the sides of the chart) you have either no stitch after a repeat or 12.

Yes, you work 29-40 (however many of those sts are in the row) when you don’t have enough sts left to work another full repeat of 13-28.

Thank you salmonmac,
I believe I got the hang of it. I did a few rows and understanding it better of what you’re saying.