Help with changing the size of a pattern

Hello all you clever people

I have found a really cute Christmas jumper pattern that I am going to make for my 3 year old grandson and want to make a matching one for his baby sister who will be almost one by Christmas.
The pattern is knitted in Aran on 4.5mm needles (ribbed areas), and 5mm for main body. The smallest size the pattern states is 2-3 - could I size down by knitting that size in DK yarn on 3.5mm and 4mm
(Ps I am quite a tight knitted and will be knitting the age 4-5 size for my grandson.
Pattern dimensions attached
Thank you all x

Yes, using DK yarn will make the sweater smaller. You’ll have to pay attention to the lengths to make sure the sweater won’t be too long in the body and sleeves for a one year old. Use a similar pattern or an existing sweater to get an idea of these measurements.
Knitting a swatch with your yarn and needles will give you a good idea of the needle sizes you should be using to get gauge for both yarn weights.
You’re so good to be planning these Christmas sweaters well ahead of time. I hope we get to see them when you finish!

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Ah yes - thank you for the idea of checking the dimensions on a similar pattern - I hadn’t thought of that :blush:
Trying to get a bit organised with the Christmas knitting. Not like last year……frantically finishing a scarf of Christmas Eve :joy:


And since you’re sort of winging it, be sure to wet block your swatch. (Well, you really should for any new yarn you’re not familiar with when gauge is so important.) I’ve been looking at various yarns on Ravelry and I see sooo many comments from people didn’t wet block and the garment fit great - until they washed it. Then it grew like crazy! :astonished:

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