Help with changing pocket location

I hope someone can help me. I added two waste yarn pocket openings for my inset pockets but now want to move them up higher (they’re too close to my ribbing cuz I ran low on yarn and had to move my cardigan higher up)
If I remove my waste yarn, I’ll be left with a wide opening. How do I knit this back together?
Thanks for any help!

Your knitting looks very nice and even.
You can join the upper and lower sections of the old pocket area by following the path of the yellow yarn. Use a length of grey yarn threaded onto a tapestry needle to follow the yellow stitches.
It’ll be a bit like duplicate stitch. You can tease out the yellow yarn bit by bit as you add in the grey. This is probably preferable. It might even work to stitch over the yellow before you remove it although this probably won’t be as clean and will require cutting the yellow and pulling out small pieces.

Here’s a video for duplicate stitch that may help.

Thanks for the comment on my knitting, salmonmac. :slightly_smiling_face:
And thanks for that tip about following the waste yarn. It’s working!! I was so worried, I thought I would have to hide the yarn by slapping 2 pockets on top.

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