Help with Changing Pattern ~ guage, stitch counts

I’m really wanting to do this pattern (the pattern is a free PDF file found on the right side)
The patterns calls for a stitch guage of 13 st per 4" and not really clear on the yarn used but a 10.75 circular needle. I want to use Caron Silmply Soft. Which when I knit with it gives me a guage of about 22 st for 4" on size 8 circular needles…How can I figure out if this will work and how do I determine how many stitches to CO etc…I do need to make this a bit bigger too…I can’t even tell if I have enough yearn to do this with, which is one reason I’m using the Simply Soft ~ it’s a no dye lot yarn…
Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. I need to make one for my daughter and if that tunrs out, one for me! Thanks!

There is a big difference between 13st=4" & 22st=4". The pattern calls for a thicker yarn. You could make a swatch using 2 strands of the Caron Simply Soft on the larger needles. And see what gauge you get.

The link doesn’t open. So I don’t know what you are knitting. But anything fitted to the body like a sweater need to be spot on for gauge. Otherwise, it won’t fit.

The pattern uses a bulky yarn and there’s basically only one size given for the Cast on. If you want to use the SS, use the same cast on sts, and follow the pattern as written. Repeat row 32 again, then see if that will give you the measurement you want. If not, then do another set of repeating Rows 21-32. Then do a WS row and go on to the next part.

I couldn’t post the link since it was my first post. I’ll send it now. It’s on the right side as a PDF under the little picture.

I was hoping there would be a way I can figure to redo the pattern using one strand of Caron (I really wanted the style and for it to be lighter) and smaller needles. I just don’t know how to do that. I do need a bigger size, I’m not that small, and neither is my daughter. I’ve searched hundreds of patterns it seems and this is the only one that appealed to us at the moment…

I had the pattern saved so was able to look at it.

At her gauge, the neck turns out about 20" around, at your gauge it’s 12, so yeah, that’s a little small. You’d need 90-100 sts to come close to that, you could start with the number she has after the first increase - 107 sts. Then just follow the pattern as she’s written it, though you’d also want to put in 2-4 more rows between the increase rows. After R 44 (add the same 2-4 pattern rows here) then repeat Rows 32 to 44+ again. Try the sweaters on, see if that will make it large enough for you. If not, repeat Rows 32 - 44+ again. That may do it, then follow the rest of the pattern. You’re going to need more sts for your sleeves though, probably at that point you can figure out where they would sit on you and you can determine how many. Mark them when you try it on.

That’s a huge difference in gauge so it’s not going to be as easy as knitting a bigger size unfortunately. Sue has the best idea I think to attempt it. :shrug: