Help with changing a measurement

Read the entire next section before knitting:
Neckband: When the piece measures 30- cm bind off 24 sts at center front edge for neck. Then dec 1 st for the neck on alternately every 4th and 5th row a total of 13 times.
Armhole: At the same time when the piece measures 34- cm bind off for armhole at the side as on back.
After all armhole and neck shaping is complete 5 sts remain on each shoulder. Bind off when the piece measures 54- cm.

Ok, so when I made the back I made it longer than the 34cm for the armhole shaping. I made it 40cm long then I shaped the armhole. So I added 6cm to the 34cm, and added 6cm to the 54cm. Now that I am doing the front and it has a separate lacey collar to sew on I am not sure if I should add the 6cm to where it says for the neckband (when the piece measures 30cm bind off 24 sts at center) Somehow I can’t wrap my brain around this. I get the armhole but the neckband I am not sure.
What do you think?

OK, so when the shoulder portion of the back was 60 cm, you bound off? Essentially, if I’m understanding right, you added 6 cm to the body length, and just moved the armhole shaping up. That meant your shoulders and neckline had to move up, too. You need to keep the same thing in mind on the front. It looks like you’d need to be 6 cm higher on your piece than the pattern says before you’d start neckband shaping on the front, so 36 cm for the neckband and 40 cm for the armhole.

thanks, somehow I repeated this question somewhere. sorry. I understand what I am to do. :happydance: