Help with Casting off and leaving Middle Stitches

Hi Everyone,
I need help with a baby’s hat I am knitting. I have knitted until my hat measured 9 cm. Now my pattern says to Cast off the first and the last 30 sts on the row.
Back: = 39 middle sts. Continue working pattern B as established and at the same time dec 1 st at each side every 4 rows 9 times = 21 sts rem. Work until the back section meas the same as the cast-off sides. Cast off.
My problem is should I cast off the first 30 sts, then knit the middle 39 sts and continue to cast off the last 30 and then break the yarn and rejoin the yarn to the middle 39 sts? And I don’t understand the part that says to work until the back section meas. the same as the cast off sides. Wouldn’t the middle section already be longer than the sts. that I cast off?
I know this may sound confusing and I hope someone out there can help me figure this out. This pattern is harder then any I have previously done, maybe I should have stuck with the easy ones.


Just do exactly what it says, one step at a time, you’re going to just work on the sts in the middle of the piece for the back of the head, then sew the edges of that ‘flap’ to the edges where you bound off the sts.

Bind off 30 sts, then finish the whole row. Turn and BO 30 sts and then you’re left with the 39 sts in the middle. Just work on these sts with the decs at the edges, until it’s the same length as the sts measure along the cast off edge - not their sides from the beginiing of the piece. So if the 30 sts measures 6", then you work until the back also measures 6".

Ok, that makes a difference, I’m really glad I asked. I would have broke the yarn and tried to reattach to the middle stiches. So, it dosen’t matter that I will have to cast off on a purl row?

So, it dosen’t matter that I will have to cast off on a purl row?

Nope, and it doesn’t matter that the 2nd cast off is a row ‘higher’ than the other side. It won’t make one bit of difference when it’s all sewn together.

Thanks Suz, I’ll give it a try.