Help with cardigan pattern

Attached is a pattern that I am working on I have completed the main body part up until the sleeves. now I am working on the sleeves. I have 2 questions.

  1. What does ‘repeat from ** twice’, mean? (1st highlighted bit) It does not make sense to me if it means repeat the first row I have already repeated it 5 times. does it mean 15 times in total and why didn’t it just say that. also the arms would be really long!

2nd question does 'continue stockinet st stripe on left front decreasing 1 st at every K row 4 times mean that this would be 8 rows in total. Or does this mean that I do 10 rows but only decrease 4 times.

Thanks really appreciate your help.

You repeat only the stitches within the *s, not the whole row. Yes, if you’re decreasing on every knit row you have to do a purl row in between, so you’d be doing 8 rows total. Count your decreases, you should have 4 of them.

Thanks so much, i really appreciate it. I am still confussed. The section which is marked between the ** is the whole row??? does this mean i repeat the whole row another two times. If i just repeated the stitches in the ** there would not be enough stitches on the row.

This isn’t the sleeve is it, sounds like you’re still on the body.

So if it’s the 2nd pattern st row (you can be specific and even type out a few of the rows to get help with them). That would be k1 * yo, k2tog * and repeat that until you have 1 st left. Then do it 4 more times, and this is a garter stitch stripe, so you’re no longer in stockinette stitch. On the 7th row you do the same k1 * yo, k2tog *4 times total, then knit until there’s 9 sts left and yo k2tog until the last stitch, then knit it.

This is an older pattern where you do what’s in the **s once, then the repeat is 3 or 4 or whatever [B]more[/B] times.

Thank you, i have attached the pattern. The bit i am struggleing with is definately the sleve it says.

cast on 52 (fine)
Work K2 P2 Rib for 3/4 inch (fine)
Stockinette stripe 10 Rows (fine)
K1, * yo, K 2 tog, repeat from *, end K1. (fine)
Repeat this row 5 times (fine)
Repeat from ** twice - (HELP!)
K 1 row
P 1 row etc

Ohhh, see that wasn’t in the other attachment.

Okay then, do the dec row, then repeat [I]that row[/I] 5 times for a total of 6 rows. Somewhere else before that, there’s double asterisks ** so you start there and repeat all the rows after that two more times.

Thank you