Help with Cardi Button Bands

I am making my first sweater in a “sweater class” at my LYS. We aren’t really using a pattern, more of a recipe. It’s a top down raglan cardigan. We started with a ribbed collar, then down to the body and bound off at the waist. The class instructor intended the cardi to be closed with a knitting needle or shawl pin.

I wanted to put on button bands or a zipper. He recommended just adding those at the end (everyone else was knitting a little garter or seed stitch border at each edge). The class is 2 sessions. We got started in the first, and we’re expected to be putting in the sleeves next time. So I pretty much have to figure out the button bands on my own. I made the side for the buttons by picking up and knitting out in ribbing. It was 79 stitches. I started at the top, and I elected to start where the stockinette portion started instead of at the top of the collar. I don’t know if this is “right” or not.

When I did the 2nd side, I started at the bottom and picked up stitches right to the top of the collar (whoops). Of course, I didn’t notice that, just thought, gee, wonder why I have more stitches on this side? I actually knit 2 together a few times to make the counts even. DUH! (Do those little knitting mysteries ever turn out well? Hmmm, wonder why I have 4 extra stitches? Oh, I’ll just keep going)

So I finished the button hole side and tried the thing on. Well of course it looks ridiculous. Now I need to figure out which side is better. What do you guys think? I am thinking I will rip the buttonhole side and have the button band stick out like a tab at the collar.

In the photos, the first one is the button side, the second one is the hole side. Actually it looks like it didn’t quite reach the top of the collar, but I think it’s just rolled under a little in the photo.

the yarn you used is absolutely beautiful. If I were doing it, I would single crochet up and down the sides . On the button side just skip 2 or 3 sc’s on the second row and then ch 2 over the spaces on the third row. 4 or 5 rows should do it. This will give you vertical button holes. Very snazzy.:sun:

The yarn is Trensetter Tonalita (blue/grayish blue/chartreuse) and Trensetter Merino VII (cobalt)held together (the class is given by a Trendsetter rep). I’ve never used 2 yarns at the same time before. It’s easy and it made the sweater go quickly since it’s on size 11s instead of, say, 7s. It sure does eat up yarn though. Every time I turn around I’m grabbing another ball.

The tonalita, which I’d never seen, comes in lots of colors and is similar to Noro Kureyon. It is softer than Noro. The Merino is very sproingy but I didn’t like how monotone it looked alone.

More than I ever thought I would spend on yarn for one garment, so I’m dying to have it look good enough to wear. :wink: