Help with cap


I’m pretty new to knitting(just started of today after not knitting for 15 years). This site has been a grait help, i finnaly learned how to purl.

Anyway, i am planning to make a cap according to this pattern . I have loads of questions about this.
First of all, i did see the instruction video’s and i did look at the abbreviations but i have the problem of being natively Dutch so some things are hard to figure out.

My questions
how many wool do i need from 1 color and from color 2?
I probably need to knit with rounded needles, i’ve never knitted with those and have never knitted with 2 colors. What is the best(easiest) way to change the colors? How do i keep track on round needles how much rows i have knitted?
How do i loose the stitches? do i put off 6 stitches in 1 row at once or do i knit a few, cast of, knit a few?

I know some of these questions might sound basic, but i did look in the forums but there is just to many information to find my answers.

Im not sure how much yarn you would need of each colour but i would suggest having
Knititng on circular needles is pretty easy. cast on your stitches as normal and then join by holding the needle with your working yarn in the right hand and the needle with the tail in the left hand, then just start knitting as normal. remember that stockinette in the round is knitting every round.
The best way to know where the start of a round is is to place a small marker on your needles that sits between the first and last stitch. markers can be everything from fancy beaded charms to little loops or yarn. the basic sort are littl eplastic rings.

Thanks for the advise. Now i read another topic so if i understand it right i only have to knit and not perl (exept for the border)

Wax, I don’t know if you would like to look at patterns in Dutch, but if you would here is a site that has nearly 1900 free patterns in Dutch. They have patterns in English too (among other languages). Click on the flag of the Netherlands and follow the pages. Click here for link.

THX for the links :slight_smile: .
has lots of stuff and it’s easier to understand for me :cheering: