Help with "calorimetry" short rows

Hi everyone…

I’m attempting to start making the Calorimetry headband from Knitty.
I’ve looked up Amy’s videos on short rows, but I’m not sure if it’s the same thing that they’re talking about in the pattern. Reason being is that it says there will be holes that are made from the short rows, but in Amy’s video it is for increasing without holes. :??

Also… on row 2 it says 2x2 rib as set to last 2 sts.

Does that mean when I have 2 sts left on the needle I turn the work and start ribbing back? :shrug:

If anyone has made this and has any advise I would appreciate it. I’m trying to venture out and try new techniques and learn more about the art of knitting. I appreciate all your help and time. :muah:

Yeah Amy’s video is for a short row with a wrap…that is what is supposed to hide any holes. Instead of doing a wrap you are just turning the work…no wrap required. :thumbsup:

According to the directions on row two it says to turn when you get to those last two stitches so yup…you figgered it right.

Amy’s short row video is the correct way to make short rows. Yes in the Calorimetry pattern you are making holes. That’s the way it’s needed in that pattern. In row 2, you knit 2x2 ribbing until the last 2 stitches. Do not knit the last 2 stitches instead turn the work slip a stitch, purl the next stitch knit the next 2 stitches then continue the 2x2 ribbing. I’ve found that knitting the pattern with US 7 needles and casting on 112 stitches makes the head scarf not quite as big as some have been saying. :smiley:

Brenda and Wildflower…

Thank you so much. I’m glad I asked. It now doesn’t seem as daunting when you explained it.

The holes are left in the Calorimetry pattern to be used as buttonholes. Some of them, anyway…


Yep, I’m gonna make another one, a smaller one, too. My first one is better for cold days, but I want a smaller one to use as just a headband.

would you mind explaining that one more time? i understand i dont knit those stitches but i do what with them? i slip it, meaning i jus let it go? then i purl the one i ddint slip… and then 2 other stitches jus popped out of no where? i’m sorry if i sound lik an idiot but i’m still not used to the lingo.

You leave the final 2 sts on the needle, turn your work around as if you had got all the way to the end of the row, sl the first st, work the next 3 and place a marker. Do the same at the other end, then when you come back to the first marker you put on, turn there and repeat. You work on those end stitches later on. A short row is just that - a row where you don’t work all the way to the end.


thank you so much!!! i FINALLY get it!! thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

ok i’m sorry- you’re slipping the first stitch. i’m assuming thats the first stitch thats now on your left needle since i turned my work. so you jus slip it onto your right needle? and then you jus knit the next 3 stitches or do you knit one n purl 2? n continue on until you get to the next two n jus repeat what you did before?
sorry- i’m a new knitter. at least to this kind of stuff. this is my first time following a pattern.

You k1, p2, continuing in the rib pattern.


so you DO jus slip the stitch on the right needle? i’m sorry if i sound lik an idiot- its a present for a friend so i cant afford to screw up.

Yes, slip the first stitch after you turn, then k1,p2, keeping in the rib pattern. Knit the knits, purl the purls…


wow, that was the easiest concept ever… i jus started making it and i cant believe its this simple. thanks for hunoring me sue- i really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

What is keeping me from understanding this pattern is Row 5. “Remove marker.” In Row 4, I just knit to my marker and turned my work to go back. My marker is on my right needle. The directions want me to remove the marker?

Is it wanting me to take the marker off the needle, lay it down, slip one (following the new direction after the turn,) work 3 stitches, place the marker in a “NEW PLACE” and work to the next marker.

Can someone please help me? THANK YOU! :pray:

Right you need to move the marker, so you take it off from the previous point, and put it on in the new place.

Duh. Just like the pattern says… Thank you! :hug: