Help with cabled hat

I am using the attached pattern. I knit a 4" ribbed section. The pattern says to start the decrease when the hat is 7" from the cast-on edge. My hat is 7" when I have just finished a row 2 of the cable section set up. Shouldn’t I be starting the decrease when I am beginning the cable section set up? Also, I am only 3" passed the ribbed section. Is that long enough to start the decrease?

Thanks for your help.

You have 4 inches of ribbing and about 3 inches of the cable pattern. According to the gauge, that shoud be about 18 rows of cable which is two repeats of the 8 row cable pattern plus 2 more rows. So it sounds like you’ve gotten to the right place. You don’t have to start the decreases at the beginning of the cable pattern (that is, with a round 1). They’re written so that you can work them from any round.

(According to the pattern you should start the decrease rounds now but it does sound a bit short to me. It seems that the hat will be about 7 inches in height with the brim turned up. Is that the size you want? If not, perhaps you can try it on and estimate how many more inches you need before the decreases.)