Help with cable

I am the one that has a dog sweater pattern that is wrong. I am going to attempt to make it with your help. I am going to type rows 4 through 9. I know that row 8 is wrong please tell me which row it should be. If you would let me know if row 9 is right.

Row 4 Sl 1, p1, k1 p4, k1, p2, k1 repeat across row to last 7 sts end p4, p1, k1
Row 5 Sl 1 work sts as established across row and end k1
Row 6 Sl 1 k1, p1, sl 2 to cable needle and hold in back, k2 then k2 from cable needle, p1. k2, p1 repeat across row to last 7 sts. sl 2 to cable needle and hold in back, k2, then k2 from cable needle, p1 , k2
Row 7 Sl 1 work sts as established across row, end k1
Row 8 Repeat row 4
Row 9 Repeat row 7

Why do you think R 8 or 9 are wrong? They look fine to me. Row 6 is the st crossing row that makes the cables, and the sts in between them look like maybe a seed or moss stitch. Rows 4 6 and 8 are RS row, 5, 7, and 9 are WS rows.

This could just be a kind of variation on a cable where the knit and purl rows switch. You start with the cable on the p4 but then when you cross the cable, you’re knitting the sts. And it makes the outside sts look like moss st.
Or is the the conventional cable from the Piccolo dog sweater in Doggie Knits by Corinne Niessner? In that case, it should be a cable twist of knit sts with the sts outside the cable in ribbing. Then I think the problem starts on row 6 (at least from the rows you’ve quoted). There, when you sl2 to cable needle and hold in back, [U]p2 then p2[/U] from cable needle and you’ll adjust the rib sts as well.
Let us know which pattern it is and if there’s a link or a picture; it’ll help.

Yes you do have the right book, sweater and arthor. I do not know of a link for you but I can scan a picture if you need it. The reason I felt it was wrong is because you knit where there is a purl and purl where there is a knit. I didn’t think that could be right. Let me know about the picture and I’ll get it to you.

The easiest thing to do is look at your sts as you are doing. You recognized that the directions would give you a purl where you should have a knit and vice versa. So put the knits and purls where you think they [I]should[/I] go and you’ll be fine with this sweater. Do the cable row as often as the pattern requires. You can do it on the 4 purl sts as row 6 tells you but instead of slipping 2sts to the cable needle, knitting the next 2sts and then knitting the sts off the cable needle, purl these sts. You’ll be doing the cable on the WS of the work but it won’t matter.
Alternatively, if that bothers you, you can do the cable cross one row earlier or one row later so that the cable is on the knit side or RS of the work.

Since I already did the first cable on the knit side do I need to take that out and do it on the purl side and do that continuously or do you think it will look ok to just start now doing it on the purl side?

I guess I need to tell you that I added two rows in order for it to come out like I think it should. That is what put the cable on the knit side because that is what the cable directions indicate that it is on the knit side. If I take it all out and start over I can do it on the purl side. Do you think that would come out better?

No just continue with the cable on the purl side. If you have a link to the pattern, or even a picture, that would be helpful to us.

I will have you a picture tomorrow, thanks!

Here is a link to one of the projects on Ravelry. The one aspect of this to consider is that the cable pattern is part of the turtle neck. It will fold over and so yuu want to make sure that the nice knit st cable will end up facing out when the turtle neck folds.
If you already have the cable on the knit side, just continue with it on the knit side. Remember just to keep the number of rows between the cable twists the same so the cables will look regularly spaced. You’re writing your own pattern here!

Good morning. I have my pattern scanned I just need to know how to add it here, can you tell me? I have try to attach it but it’s not working.

If you go to What’cha Knittin’, the first Sticky is How to Post a Photo. Jan gives a couple of ways to do it.

Is that part of this forum or a separate website?

It’s at this website on the main Forum page, listed below the ‘How to Questions’ and the following ‘Pattern Central’.