Help with Cable Sweater, Hayfield 9219

I’m starting on the Hayfield Aran Cable Knit sweater 9219. I’ve seen others working on it here and I’m just starting out and already struggling :woozy_face:.

I’m working on the first row after the ribbed stich to set the bottom. And I just can’t make sense of the instructions because they don’t work out to 112 stitches;
I know I must be missing something fundamental but I can’t get it. If I work straight through it, it comes up short, if I repeat the stitches between * * then the cabling section extends too long and there isn’t enough space to k1 p1 14 times to finish the row?

I assume that the (k1 p1)14 times is to knit 1 purl 1 for 14 stitches, correct? Again, am I missing something? Or is this pattern just really unclear… Please help! I can’t figure it out!


Here’s more pics if it helps;

Welcome to KH!
Beautiful cables.

The first row is (k1,p1) 14x, p2, k8, [p2, C2B, p4 (C4B, p4) 3x, C2F, p2,] k8, p2 (p1,k1) 14x.
That works out to 112sts:
(k1,p1) 14x, 28sts
p2, k8, 10sts
[p2, C2B, p4 8sts
(C4B, p4) 3x, 24sts
C2F, p2,] 4sts
k8, p2 10sts
(p1,k1) 14x. 28sts

Remember to repeat the (C4B, p4) 3 times or C4B, p4,C4B, p4,C4B, p4.

Ahh!! That’s where I’m getting it wrong! The first k1, P1 is 28 stitches! Thank you!!! God that was bothering me for so long, I knew I was missing something super obvious :woman_facepalming:

Thank you for your help, I’m sure I’ll be asking lots more questions as I go, I just had to go and make a difficult sweater hahah.

Now I can carry on!


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Okay! Now my next question is, I’ve finished the back panel and have put the remaining stitches on a stitch holder. It doesn’t say in the instructions but do I need to now cut the yarn that’s feeding from the ball? I have a second ball of yarn, should I be knitting the front panel from the second ball of yarn? I’ll have to knit the sleeves after too, so I assume I’ll have to cut the yarn at some point, but then joining all the pieces up together will mean some knitting to join the collar… What do you think?

Thanks for the help!

You can read ahead to the part under Finishing but you’re probably going to cut the yarn. Leave about a 6 inch tail to weave in later.
If the shoulders are live sts however, you could join front to back at the shoulder using 3 needle bind off. It produces a sturdy seam and lies very flat. If that’s the case leave a bit longer strand of yarn to be used for the seam and bind off.

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Thank you!! I shall read ahead and see what I can find!