Help with cable pattern

I have just begun to knit again after 30 years, and I have forgotten a lot. I’m working on a cable pattern that is confusing me. There are 26 stiches on this strip and the part of the pattern I don’t understand says: k4, p5, C2R over next 3 sts, p2, C2L over next 3 sts, p5, k4. What exactly is C2R over next 3 sts? Thanks for any help!

I googled and got the following from C2R: Knit the second st on the left needle, passing in front of the first st, k the first st and let both slip off left needle.

C2L: With the right needle behind the first st k the second through the front strand, k the first st in the usual way, let both sts slip off the left needle.

Does that help at all?