Help with Cable Pattern

Hi, I am starting my first cable sweater. After St st 4 rows, Instructions say: "cable set-up row(RS) K10, work cable Pat B (0) times, work Cable Pat A (4) times.

I assume this means that for my size, I start this row by K10, then knitting Cable Pattern A, since the pattern denotes “0” times for me to do Pat B. Is this correct? Thanks.

Yup, any time you see a 0 in pattern instructions, for your size that is. it means that you omit that particular instruction and move on to the next one.

Thanks Rorshach!

Hi again, wondering if after I do a set-up row for cable pattern, is the next row (a ws row) pearl, even though the pattern does not state so? Pattern is as follows:

Work cable pat. A 4 times, k10. work in patterns as established for (9) reps, then work rows 1-6 once more. My confusion is, should I pearl the ws row, before starting the pattern again from R1 of the pattern? Thanks!


The ws of a cable pattern is usually knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts when you come to them. How does row 2 for Cable pattern A read?

Row 2 of the Pattern reads “Row 2 and all WS rows, Purl.”

Thinks I figured it out. Tell me if I’m wrong. I should assume the “set-up” row is the first row of my cable pattern. Then the next row would be Row 2, 3, 4, etc. of the pattern. This is the first full pattern rep. Then, because it says, "work in patterns as established 9 times, I just do this pattern 9 times more…etc. Is that right?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! This site is the best!!!


Sounds like you’ve got it.