Help with Cable Pattern

My name is Diane Bernhardt and I live in Cocoa Fl. I have knitted some over the years but just recently took it up very seriously and I am knitting a vest for my husband which includes a cable pattern. You knit so many and then the cable pattern starts, what my pattern says is for shaping the armholes, it is Cable row 5 (RS) k 2 k2 tog, pt to last 4 st, ssk k 2, so my question is, is this actually on the cable pattern?

That doesn’t sound like part of the cable pattern, but it is telling you to decrease on each side as you probably already know.

You will have to read the pattern to see what’s going on there. Maybe it tells you to use a cable stitch chart (?) somewhere between the k2tog & ssk and you missed reading that part? Hope that made sense.


Hello Diane and welcome :slight_smile:

In many cable patterns there is a row that does not ask you to use cable needles but it is still part of the pattern. It makes sense once you keep going in the pattern.

I don’t know what pt is though and I just looked through several knitting glossaries and could not find it.

I presumed pattern in the end but could find no reference for that.
So, can you educate me and tell me what it is?