Help with cable pattern

I am trying a cable patter.

I am suppose to CO 24 st
After I do the row with the cable (row 3) I end up with 22 stitches not 24.

Row 3 has 4 YO wich add a st (4 total stiches added) and 2 (sl1 k2tog psso) will decrease a total of 4 stiches I think. that should make 24 but I end up with less than 24.

Please help :??

For YO I wrap the right needle and then K. (making 2 st)

For the sl1 k2tog psso, I slip a stitch as if to knit, knit 2 together, and then take the slipped stich on the right needle over the knitted 2 and drop it.

thanks for your help

My math says the pattern is correct.
I think you might be doing your YOs wrong - YO is simply wrapping the yarn around the needle. It sounds like you’re doing YO, k1 instead of just YO. That could account for the incorrect stitch count.

Hi Brook…
When you do a YO, just bring the working yarn over your right needle, which creates an extra loop, then knit the next stitch, as usual. Hope this helps. :smiley:

Thanks not doing the knit and just wrapping the yarn around before the next step makes sense and would account for 2 extra stiches

This site is very helpful. It is helping me advance my knitting :lol:

I always use this site for reference…especially if I don’t understand a pattern, it helps alot when someone explains it in words I understand. I especially love the videos, too. They’re very helpful. Happy knitting! :XX: