Help with cable pattern instruction


I’m casting on for Enigmatic. It’s not a free pattern so I need to be kind of vague in my question, forgive me.

The total cable chart is 24 sts; however, what the designer did is break it up into parts using letters/arrows. For instance, on the sleeve (the first thing I’m having trouble with,) the instruction reads sort of like this: Work cable/rib pattern as follows: Work between A and B 2 times, work between A and C 3 times, work between A and D 2 times. I totally get that part, the part I do not get is this: It follows standard sleeve increases at the edges every so many rows, nothing weird there, but then says [I]“working inc sts in cable/rib pattern” [/I]and that’s where I’m lost. They give explicit instructions on how to work the original number of sts on the sleeve, so I’m not sure if they mean to use that cable/rib pattern (the one I mentioned above) or the as-is 24-stitch one and if they mean the sleeve one (which I imagine they do,) I totally don’t know how I would do that.

This is not the actual stitch pattern, but let’s pretend so I can ask my question better.

Cable/Rib: k1 (selvedge), [k1, p1 twice] (section 1), [k1, p1 twice, 4-stitch cable, k1, p1 twice] (section 2, worked 3 times each repeat), [k1, p1] twice (section 3), k1 (selvedge)

So starting out I’d have 46 stitches, after my first increase, I would have 48. What do I do with those 2 new stitches? Would the one on the right (with right side facing) be the end of THAT repeat above (a p1 in this case) and the one on the left be the beginning of a new one (a k1 in this case)? in other words, on the right side of the RS, I’d be expanding the cable pattern from left to right of the chart and on the left side of the right side, I’d be expanding the cable pattern from right to left of the chart? If that’s the case, what do I do when it gets big enough to incorporate the cabling, but I just don’t have enough stitches yet for the cable, like do I just start doing the cabling as soon as I hit a Row 3 (cable row) after I have 4 stitches available in that section, so there just might be a little bit of 4-stitch stockinette until I get to that point?

This pattern is written in a way I haven’t seen before, I know I’m making this more difficult than it is (at least I hope lol) and thank you all in advance! :slight_smile:

ETA: I think I get it, those 4 “edge” rib stitches of Section 1 and Section 3 were throwing me off, but I think I’m okay now. Once those edge stitches are worked, there are always going to be 8 stitches on either side of each 4-stitch cable (Section 2 continues with that), so THAT is what I need to shoot for (I think.) In other words, on the right edge with the RS facing, I would add the 4 cable stitches first (since there will already be the 8 filler stitches at the beginning of the sleeve and really those will just be stockinette until I have the 4 sts and get to a row 3?), then the 4 “beginning” stitches of the cable repeat, left to right, then the 4 “end” sts of the cable repeat left to right, then the 4 st cable again, and keep repeating that as I have the stitches, yes? I think that might be it! Thanks again!

You’ve worked your own way through this but it was fun following along. Yes, you’ve got it. Section 3 must end with the missing part of the rib pattern and you want to maintain the alternating cable and rib into the increases. Continue in stockinette until you have enough sts for the cable, and then put in the cable (you’ll always have the selvedge st for seaming). Good looking sweater, enjoy knitting it!

Thank you!!! I have one more question, actually, slightly unrelated. This pattern explicitly directs you on use of selvedge stitches, like actually written in the pattern (don’t know that I’ve seen that before) and in the supplemental information on their website, they list two ways to accomplish this, one slipping purlwise with yif (they call it chain stitch selvedge) and slip k1wise with yarn in back (they call that one chain stitch selvedge) but then it also says in a tip “You can achieve a very firm edge by knitting the first and last stitch of every row.”

Is one easier than the other when it comes to seams later or is it just preference? I thought the yif one was more of an edge technique like on a shawl and on my last garment, I didn’t do anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again!

I usually slip the first st purlwise yib on a knit row and purlwise yif on a purl row to get a chain up the edges. I’ve also just knit and purled the edge sts (stockinette) and either way, edges are fine for seaming.

never mind, I’ve got it. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again!!!

If it’s k1p1 ribbing and, on the WS the first st after the selvedge is a k then continue with p1k1 etc. I prefer to do increases on the RS rows so I would do the increase every 4th on a RS row but that’s up to you. Sometimes patterns are very explicit for a reason but most times, you can adapt these directions to your own preference, add or subtract rows of ribbing, move the increases to even or odd rows and so on. Start the increase after you finish the ribbing either on the first RS or first WS row as you wish and as long as you increase every 4th row the shaping will be fine.