Help with buttonhole border

hi. I am struggling with a sweater. directions ask me to pick up 41 sts. on return i rib 2, cast off 1, rib 7 cast off 1 (4 times), rib 1. I am knitting 2 to cast off the 1 but i am ending up with five sts at the end, not 1. what am i doing wrong???
thanks in advance

Are you counting the loop that’s leftover as part of the 7 sts, or doing 7 sts after the cast off? Work 2 in rib, work 2, pass one st over, work 6 in the rib (the 7th is the one leftover from the cast off), work 2, move 1 st over, etc.

I did it agin and its still not working. I have the one on the needle and 7 stitches in between each cast off. The pattern calls for 5 buttons. Maybe i should have 6 stitches. I will try again and re post. Thanx for the help.

I haw tried it several times his evening and each time I get the same results–5 STD left over. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do the buttonholes with my 41 sts, I’m open to suggestions. Thanx!

Yep, the stitch count will use up 36 sts. Maybe just leave the last 5 sts at the edge? Buttonholes don’t generally go all the way to an edge anyway.

Thank you. I think I will try to divide my leftover sts to have even #s at the top and bottom!