Help with bottom up yolk neck sweater

I’m making a toddler sweater that is a yolk neck style. I’ve finished the body and sleeves. The body was this:
Using circular needle and MC, CO 110 sts. Place marker and join. Work around in St st until piece measures 9" from beg

Divide work
(RS) BO 8 sts for armhole, k47 sts and place on a holder for front, BO 8 sts for armhole, work rem 47 sts and place on a holder for back.
I also made the two sleeves knit flat ending with 46 stitches on holders

Then I did the next step:

With RS facing, using circular needle and MC, k47 front sts, pm k46 sts from one sleeve holder, pm, k47 sts from back holder, pm, k46 sts from other sleeve, pm—186 sts

Problem is as I continue up the yolk the area where I cast off 8 stitches for the arm holes seams to pull in the round. There are now 46 stitches in the area where 8 were cast off. Ugggg. How do I work with this…it seamed so simple

It is always awkward when you attach the sleeves to the body in this style sweater. As you get more rows done, you’ll find that it goes a lot easier.

The stitches above the 8 bound-off sections will end up being the top of the sleeve.

Just keep going–you’ll see it coming together just fine.

Thanks so much! Actually, it has gotten easier. I stretched out the underarms a bit, but hoping I can tighten them when I sew the sleeve seams. Don’t want to start all over. Think I’ll stick to top down for this type of sweater in the future, but the pattern was written this way.