Help with book


Okay, this is going to be really vague, but a couple of years ago, my mom got a book out that had really cool cables, one was a dragon, most weren’t like traditional cables - many were just on part of the sweaters. I thought, as did my mom and husband, it was the Viking Knits book (by Elsabeth Lavold), but it definitely is not it, and I’ve tried every search I could think of, and I’m not getting anything remotely like it coming up. I can’t remember the title, I can’t remember exactly what the front cover looked like, and I can’t remember the author.
So, I’m asking the people that I know are as crazy about knitting as I am, does anyone have a remote idea as to what book I’m talking about? I’m thinking it was two or three years ago now. My knitting at the time was not anywhere near what it is now and I remember thinking that I would like to get the book if I ever got better. Well, I’m better, but have no clue to what the book was.

Thanks! Jennifer

:think: Doesn’t sound familiar, but it does sound neat!