Help with booga bag, please?

I’m at the point where the instructions tell me to pick up and “knit twisted” 16 stitches along the first edge of the rectangle, and this is where I am stuck. (The “knit twisted” is especially confusing.)

I have cast on on my 34 stitches and knitted for 34 rows. The instructions do not say to bind off. I have The Knitter’s Bible and another book and they only refer to picking up stitches with new yarn on a piece that has already been completed. I have watched Amy’s video, and I’m pretty sure I understand how to pick up stitches. If I understand the instructions properly, I am NOT to bind off. Can that be right? I have 34 stitches on my needle and somehow I am supposed to pick up stitches from the other 3 sides? The booga bag instructions tell me to start with 16 stitches, and I can easily see where to pick these up. I just don’t know how to go about doing it the way I have it. Any help/suggestions/etc. would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve done a search, yes, after the fact. Sorry! I see some things that might help me out. I will look at those and if I still need help, I’ll come running back! Sorry I didn’t search first!

I got it - thanks to all of you and Amy for creating this board! Thank you! :heart: