Help with booga bag pattern, please

I’d like to start a booga bag for my sis, but I don’t quite understand this part of the instructions…

  • Pick up and knit twisted 16 stitches along first edge of rectangle. There are 17 ridges, so you just pick up one stitch between each ridge.

What do they mean by knit twisted?

There’s been discussion about this exact thing before - I’m not sure if anyone actually knows what that means, and I bet most people who have made a booga bag has just picked up stitches as usual, the whole way around, and not had any problems with it. That’s how I did it and my booga bag is very functional and sturdy. Felting takes care of everything anyways.

If you knit a twisted stitch it just turns out a little tighter and is supposed to make the bag sturdier. Not critical at all though, plenty of people have done it the “regular” way with fine results.

Oh, ok! Thanks. So, ummm, how do you knit a stitch twisted then?

Knit through the back loop.