Help with Blue Screen of Death

My laptop has given me the blue screen of death ! It appears the problem is with Symantec Antivirus … I cannot access it while booted in Safe Mode and if I click on Symantec while booted normally the computer crashes. SOOOOO - how do I fix/uninstall Symantec ??? This is the first time I have ever gotten the blue screen of death. My last laptop just died and stopped during on and sort of fried itself.

I haven’t had the BSOD in a long time, but usually just restarting the computer worked. If you can get to the C drive and find the add/remove programs you might be able to remove it that way. Or click on the start button/programs/symantec you might find a remove link.

I use ESET not symantec myself. It’s less of a system/memory hog.


I am Chetan Savade from Symantec Technical Support Team.

Could you confirm the SEP version details & Operating System details? However, I would first recommend installing the latest version of SEP 12.1 RU4 MP1a.If the BSOD occurs again then configure the machine for a full memory dump so when you call support you can quickly provide a full memory dump that can be reviewed.
Do you see any specific error code when BSOD occurs?

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Thanks Jan. Turns out Google really does know everything !! To uninstall while in Safe Mode I had to get a Windows Install program running via the Command Prompt. I was able to get it uninstalled last night and then I went to bed and left my oh so sweet night owl hubby sitting up to reinstall Symantec.

I’ve used Symantec for years w/out a problem and luckily we get it free via the university we work for so I’m trying not to complain too much about his one problem.

Thank you, thank you. Great photo.

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