Help with blocking a blanket I just knitted

I wanted to make my friend a nice gift for her baby, so I knitted this blanket corner to corner. It’s supposed to be square, but instead it turned out to be a weird parallelogram shape (see photo). I spent 3 weeks making this thing, so I don’t want to give up on it yet…I’ve heard about blocking, but I’ve never tried it before…can I use blocking (or any other method) to make it square?

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Looks like a lovely blanket and the shape is pretty good too. What kind of yarn did you use to make it? If it’s wool you can pin it out (on a towel over a carpet or on a board) and spray it with water. Leave to dry completely and it should fix the shape.
Acrylic may not block as well but you can try it. Wash it according to the ball band instructions, pin out and let dry.
Even if it doesn’t become a perfect square, a diamond blanket is still a wonderful gift.

The yarn is polyester. Will blocking still work?

That’s a good question. I searched but a whole lot of not very helpful came up. Assuming that it is machine wash and dry then I think I’d wash and dry it and see how it looks. Sometimes with synthetics that’s all that’s needed. Even if it doesn’t square up perfectly it’s a very lovely gift and I’m sure it will be appreciated and used a lot.

Almost all of my “corner-to-corner” blankets have turned out that way. I figure that by the time the baby is walking, he/she will be dragging that thing hither and yon and it won’t really matter what shape it is!

It looks fine to me and I’m sure the new mom will appreciate whatever you’ve made for her!