Help with Blish Berroco pattern

I am not understanding how to divide for armholes:

Using spare needle, k to first marker, drop marker; turn and p
to beg of rnd marker, drop marker, and p to next marker, drop marker, turn, leaving remaining sts on original needle for front

I get stuck at the turning part, not sure what needle to use, etc.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Actually, I think it’s easier to use the original needle to knit to the first marker (you could leave this marker in place for the moment) then turn and purl back across those same sts and continue on past the beginning of round marker to the next marker. Now turn and work the next step with the spare needle. You’ll be knitting across the sts you just purled until you get to the gap where you first turned. If you’ve left the marker there that’ll help you recognize the gap. This set of sts form the back and the front will be left on the original needle. Very good looking sweater/poncho.