Help with blanket

I am a new knitter and need some help! I am knitting a baby blanket, but am having trouble with the border. For some of the rows, the directions are to K5, purl across to last 5 stitches, K5. When I am going from knitting to purling, the first purled loop ends up looking like 3 new ones on my right needle. So then, when I am knitting across the next row, I am confused - how do I incorporate this tangled mess? If anyone has any idea of what I’ve done wrong, or how I am supposed to procede, I’d love to hear from you!! Thanks!

Welcome PamW!

It sounds like you’re not bringing the yarn to the front before purling, and to the back before knitting. Watch the video on ribbing, in the basic techniques/more section.

Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot Amy! I will try this out and watch the video. Love the website!! :slight_smile: