Help with Blanket Buddy Pattern

I am graduating from simple baby blankets to one of those cute blanket buddies. I always seem to have trouble understanding patterns though. I can do the stitches, just don’t understand what the patterns mean. Anyway. Here is the pattern:

[color=brown]Cast on 1st.
Knit into front and back of first stitch, knit to end of row - 7 stitches at end or row 6[/color]

I guess I understand the instructions but just don’t understand how I knit into the front and back of a stitch.



Click on the Basic Techniques tab above and go to Increases. KFB will be there with a video to show you how to do it.


You just knit into the front loop and then you knit into the back loop of the same stitch… :happydance:

do you happen to have the link to the pattern you are working on… I’m trying to figure out what to make for a friend who is due next month :teehee:

Thanks. I figured it out!

Thanks! Here is the pattern

Thank you!!

I don’t understand why lion brand has you sign in now… I never remeber my info :teehee:

I have another question now. I am to the part of the pattern where it says

[color=brown]Rows 40-41 Cast on 12 sts for Paws, knit to end of row – 64 sts.[/color]

How do I cast on when I already have stitches on my needles? I tried but I end up with a funky thing with the end of the stitches on the left needle attached to the stitches on the far right of the right needle which cannot be right.

I like to use the back loop cast on… I’m pretty sure Amy shows it with the CO videos… I use my thumb just loop the yarn over it… insert needle into loop and pull off thumb… I gotta becareful not to pull to tight or then I can’t get my needle in to knit… :teehee: