Help with Bind off

I’m fairly new to following patterns. I’m making a sweater for my baby and came across a problem as I’m finishing the front…The instructions were for me to bind off 5 sts from one end and continue to bind of from that edge. Well, I’ve binded (bound?) off the stitches, but have one stitch left on the needle that needs to come off. I don’t know how to get that one off without cutting the yarn and then attaching it again to start the next row. Did I do it wrong? Does this make sense?

I’m turning my work and should start 5 stitches over from where the last stitch I have on my needle is currently. Thanks!

I think I know exactly what you did. You need to undo those bound off stitches and knit (or whatever stitch you’re doing) to the end of the row. Then turn and bind off 5 and continue. It always happens on two rows when you’ll need to be knitting the center stitches. :thumbsup:

Patterns will usually tell you to bind off 5 and knit to end of row. Then on the next row it’ll say bind off 5… etc.