Help with Bettna Long Cardigan/Noro

I have started the Bettna cardigan and I am confused about something. For the back, I have cast on, knit 14 rows and have changed to St st. When the directions say “work evenly until piece measures 16 1/2”, is that measured from where I began the St st or from the bottom edge? The sleeve and upper body also gives measurements in the same many so I am just confused what they mean by “piece”.


Johnnie Collier

I think it means from the beginning, unless otherwise stated. For example, it’s common to see “until armhole measures…” which would be from the beginning of the armhole.

I’ve knit 7 Bettna cardigans. Yeah, 7! :wink:

Knit until [B]the piece [/B] is xx" means the whole piece. From the cast on til xx" is achieved.

GrumpyGramma is right.

You might find my notes helpful. (see links below…read all notes…you’ll need them…you’ll see what I mean…)