Help with Berroco Pattern

Hi everyone! I love this forum already and have only been lurking for a little bit…

I have a question about a pattern called “June” on Berroco’s website. The site says the yarn has been discontinued so they don’t answer inquiries on the pattern anymore. I’m using a totally different yarn (nifty vintage!)anyway, used double. It’s just a tank top pattern, not a whole lot going on in it.

The pattern’s rated “Very Easy” so I can’t believe I have a problem with it! Here’s the weird part; I’m putting only my size numbers and copying EXACTLY what the pattern says:

Work even on 68 sts until armholes measure 8 1/2", end on WS.
Shape Neck: Work 32 sts, k2 tog, join another ball of yarn and SKP, k to end.
Working both sides at once, bind off 2 sts at each neck edge 13 times, then dec 1 st at each neck edge every other row 2 times. When all bind offs and decs have been completed and armholes measure 8 1/2", end on WS. Bind of 5 sts each side for shoulders.

Now, we start with 68 sts, yes? And we end up with 10 (5 per side), no? We’ve reduced only 2 stitches when we start the neck division, so we now have 64 sts, or 32 per side.

If I could bind off at the END of a row, the 2 sts at each neck edge 13 times would reduce my number of stitches to, let’s see, just 12. But since I can only bind off at the beginning of each row, I’ve only reduced my number of stitches by 26, total, or 13 each side. So I have 38 stitches, which in no way can be reduced to 10 stitches with 2 more decrease rows.

If I bound off at the shoulder edge as well, that might work, but the schematic shows the shoulder edge as straight up after the armhole decreases.

Am I just reading this wrong? Well, I finished the front (or back, they’re both the same) my own way… my usual solution to this sort of problem. Once I completed the bind-offs I knew I had WAY too many stitches, so I decreased a stitch on each side and for each row (that is, 4 stitches per row) until the armhole measured 8 1/2" like it’s supposed to. Then I bound off the remaining 11 stitches per side, figuring it’ll sew up just fine with that many stitches per side.

Here’s a link (hope it works!) to the pattern:

I can’t seem to get the math to work out, either. :thinking: Sounds like you worked it out, though–good for you!

I would have bound off at the beginning of every sixth row as I got to it on a particular side–knit or purl. But that would have taken the 32 per side down to 20, less 2 more for the final decreases–it would still get 18 left per side. :thinking:

I’m so glad to hear it! I thought I must be missing something, or misreading somehow, since that’s the case 99% of the time!

So anyone who works Berroco’s free “June” pattern, beware!

Anyway the thing looks fine after all those decreases, and it may turn out a bit better than the original, since I thought the shoulders might slip off to the outside, they’re set so widely in the pattern.

I’ll try to post a pix when I’m done. Thanks so much for your reply!

I’m glad you were able to work it out. Too often we get stuck in the pattern and if it doesn’t work out, we panic. It’s only knitting, after all. :wink: