Help with berocco ‘clem’ pattern


Hi everyone, I’m new to knitting and really need some help understanding the instructions in this pattern. I have attached a link to the pattern.

I’m in the process of knitting the left front and have come to the part of the pattern titled ‘Following row’ FYI, I’m knitting size small.

The questions I have regarding the instructions are:

‘Continue to shape armhole same as back’ - does this mean follow the instructions for the back of the garment, binding off 3 stiches twice, then 2 stitches twice?

‘At the same time, dec 1 st at neck edge in this manner every (RS) row (0) times more then every 4th row (14) times’ - in what manner??

‘Work even’ - what does this mean?

Thanks for your help!


SA ZWelcome!
Those are the directions for the back armholes but you only need to work the bind off of 3sts at the beginning of the row (as given in the directions) and then, on the next RS row, a bind off of 2 sts at the beginning of the row.
When you get near the end of this bind off row, start doing the neck decreases. Work to the last 5 sts, SSK, p1, k2. From now on you’ll be working the dec at the armhole edge (beginning of RS row) as given for the back and the dec at the neck edge (end of RS row) at the same time.

Under Shape Armhole and Neck it tells you how to work the neck dec, (work to the last 5 sts, SSK, p1, k2).

Work even means to continue without inc or dec.

A 0 for your size means skip that direction. Go to the next step.

Thanks for all the information incuding the pattern link!


Thanks so much for your explanation, it really helped!

I managed to knit the purls and purl the knits while concentrating so hard on following your instructions so now have to pull out a few rows and try again!