Help with Bernat Bunny

hello, I am brand new to knitting. I am attempting to make Bernat Bunny toy. I have completed the first four inches and directions say to increase by casting on 17 stitches to start the arm, I tried that but after casting on and attempting to knit the row across, the stitches on the right needle are connected to the main piece on the left by a string of yarn that keeps getting longer. help!

I’ve never made this pattern before myself. Can any of the rest of you help with this?

How many rows have you completed with the cast on stitches? I do find that when a cast on is required the first row appears lose, but by putting a little extra tension as you knit the first couple rows you should be able to take up the slack. If there is an extra bit of yar where the cast on joins the yarn in the first row it should be hidden by the seam.

Which cast on did you try? I find that the knit-on works the best…also you when you knit the next couple of sts be sure to pull that tight, this should close up that gap and leave less of a string connecting the two :thumbsup: