Help with Bell Stitch

Hi, Im wanting to do this pattern called Bell stitch and I can’t work out the first row

P3 * m7 (by k into front and back of nxt st 3 times, then into front again) before slipping st off left hand pin, P4, rep

The make 7 is what is confusing me? Do I do the make 1 that you lift a stitch from the yarn between st? Or do I use a st on the left needle and knit that front back front? but how do I end up with 7 sts?

The whole thing confuses me

Please help :slight_smile:

To make the 7 stitches in one, you’ll use one stitch and knit into the front and back, front and back, front and back, front. You’ll be working into the same stitch 7 times before sliding it off the needle.

So I don’t pick up a stitch just use one on the left needle?


Cool Thank you very much!!

You may find that it’s easier to yo instead of purl, so you would k yo k yo k yo k into the next st. It’s not as tight but looks very much the same.