Help with bamboo collar

I knitted a lacy tank-style baby dress in bamboo/cotton blend. It’s done and came out beautifully. :cheering: The pattern said to pick-up stitches around the arm holes and neck to create a ribbing and collar (after knitting 4 rows). I did that and it looks beautiful. But, the collar will not lay flat. It sticks out forward.
I know you can’t block bamboo fabric (well, that its not suggested at least) but do you think I could just lay a damp towel on the collar and see if I could gently press it down? Or, if I laid a dry towl on top and took an iron to it on a low setting?

At some point, you’re going to have to wash it, so I don’t see that there’d be a problem with a wet towel to help it lie flat.:shrug: